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Tracking SEO Results

At Simply Search we monitor the outcome of our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns through the use of search engine ranking software Advanced Web Rankings. By using a range of specialist tools we can work to ensure that we get the best results to meet your websites’ objectives.

Having spent the time working with our clients to identify the keywords which are relevant to their business and knowing which search terms will deliver the customers to the site, it is important that we can track the progress of the campaign. Once we have seen improvements it is important that these rankings are maintained especially when there updates in the search engine algorithm.

Advanced Web Rankings (AWR) provides a range of tools designed to help search marketers to monitor website’s positions in the rankings. AWR helps you to find the keywords which you want to get your website ranking for, after this it then helps you to promote your website and finally track the progress. Having a tool which helps to assist in these three areas are key to helping develop clear objectives for your online campaigns.

Research the Right Keywords

Keyword research is the basis of any online campaign. Searchers use words to find websites and if you aren’t ranking for the keywords which the searchers are using then your traffic will remain poor. Keywords research enables search engine marketers to identify trends for individual terms over previous months, so we can decide which terms are best for your website.

The Advanced Web Ranking Keyword Analysis tool allows a comparison of the density and prominence of keywords between your website and your competition. This Keyword Research Tool provides a realistic indication of your website achieving a ranking for that term.

Promoting Your Website with Advanced Link Manager

Optimising onsite and including the relevant keywords on your website is just one area of a SEO campaign. The street credibility of your website is another factor used by the search engines when determining rankings. The Advanced Link Manager is another piece of software which analyses a website’s link popularity, and then continually monitor the links.

The Advanced Link Manager tracks which websites are linking to your website and the anchor text used. Overtime we can monitor this, and identify any content on your site which produces an increase in links to your site.

In addition to monitoring the links to your own website the software enables you to spy on your competitors to see who are linking to their websites. This helps to compare your link profile with theirs and can highlights areas which may need to be focused on. There are many different packages and tools available to review the links to other websites but there are none which work so well as Link Manager. It makes it really effortless to identify where the competitors sites have gained their links from allowing you to then review if any are suitable for your website.

Finding sites to link to yours which are in your niche will help to boost your site’s authority. A reviewing competitor links can be a good starting point to source these links.

Another key feature of Advanced Link Manager is that it will then look for further websites where there is a link opportunity back to your website. It is important to remember that the quality of links to your website is key to strengthening a link profile.

Advanced Link Manager is able to identify the domain age and page rank of potential link partners enabling an informed decision to be made before making a submission. Using this information we can decide whether this link will contribute to the quality of the link profile. You should always look for links which will strengthen rather than add to the number of links.

After the submission has been made the software then lets you know when your link is live saving you time as you don’t need to remember to go back and check.

Don’t forget that some of these links may also deliver additional visitors to your website. Not all inbound links are there for the purpose of search engines and some websites which link to you may also be an additional traffic source.

Track Progress with Advanced Web Rankings 

AWR lets you create projects for each website you wish to track. You can enter in your keywords which want to monitor and select which search engines you want to observe. You don’t even need to remember to update the software regularly as you can set up a schedule. The schedule can be set to run at a set time each day, week or month ensuring that you never miss update. Overtime you are then able to compare your website’s ranking from when you started to present day.   

There are a number of reports which you can run to show the site’s performance. All of the reports are detailed and contain a lot of information while still being easy to understand.

Visibility Report
Click here to enlarge

But my favourite is the Visibility Report (above screenshot) which very clearly shows your site’s position within the search engine and any movement over the time period. You want to see green up arrows and dashes which indicate increases or maintained positions, the red arrows mean that the site has dropped.


Overall Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager are easy to use and essential in the growth and measurement of online marketing campaigns. A benefit of online marketing is that everything can be tracked and monitored. Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager help you to stay more informed about what is happening with your website allowing you to make educated decisions.