About Simply Search

We are a team of UK based Search Engine Optimisation specialists with a variety of backgrounds pre SEO that led us to wanting to help businesses grow. Our mix of industry and professional backgrounds enables us to take a broader view of your business knowing that SEO is just one small part of your marketing mix and even smaller part of your overall business. Our goal is deliver you the best SEO services and return on investment in the shortest possible time for your budget.


Our CEO Chris Pearson is an ex Finance Director for a multinational thus his experience of needing return on investment for all marketing spend and passion for data driven decisions is a perfect fit for what our clients need from SEO.

"Traditional offline marketing spend often has a challenge in justifying specific ROIs and for big branded companies, this usually defaults to the CEO agreeing a marketing spend based on a percentage of turnover each year. With SEO, we can show the size of the prize in terms of search volumes and accurately track all the enquiries that result from your investment, making it an easier investment decision for Marketing Professionals and any board members than need to sign off on the investment."

Chris Pearson - CEO Simply Search